Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer

    Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review

    One of the biggest taboos in hair care is sleeping with wet hair. We all know this, yet it’s something I used to do quite a lot, especially after having kids (when I actually get the chance to wash my hair). I started looking out for a hair dryer a few months back because I was tired of having frizzy hair that looked like hay and had no bounce.

    My criteria for a hair dryer, if I were to spend on one, would be:

    • Less than S$300
    • Lightweight, so my hands wouldn’t get tired after a while
    • Works fast
    • Looks nice
    • Has a 3-pin plug that fits Singapore’s households

    Simple and short enough, but wouldn’t you know how hard it is to find a product that fits all points!

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