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    Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon Review

    A salon where you’ll feel right at home.


    How are my gorgeous kitties doing today? I’m quite excited to be sharing with you my experience at Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon, where I got my first ombre hair style done!


    I booked an appointment via Vanitee.com, which is an online portal of local businesses that cater to hair and beauty needs. Just scrolling through the listed businesses, all of which whose legitimacy had been personally ensured by the team at Vanitee.com, I picked Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon because frankly speaking, I got tired of my hair yet again. So I decided on a date and time that was convenient for me and in a couple of days, I made my way to the salon at Far East Plaza, Singapore.


    Once I got there, I presented my confirmation SMS to the very welcoming lady at the counter and saw that they had already recorded my appointment down in their log book. They were prepared for my arrival! I got ushered to my seat and met two guys, Marcus and Sham, who were the ones who did my hair for the next 6 hours. After a brief discussion with Marcus on what I wanted and what they were able to do for me based on my hair condition and past hair jobs, they got to work!


    The first thing they did was to retouch my roots. As I’ve got a sensitive scalp, they applied a scalp protector first.


    Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon Review

    Getting that scalp protector on! Sham’s on your left, Marcus is on your right.


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