holiday makeup

    FOTD: It’s Holiday!

    by Roxanne C.
    FOTD: Holiday

    Did you know that there are 11 days of holidays in a year in Singapore? No, that’s not a lot. Which is why when we get one, we do take advantage of it and put it to good use! What’s even better than a holiday is one that falls either just before or after a weekend, so that we get an extended weekend. A rare chance where our weekends are longer than the weekdays! So of course, it’s time to celebrate.


    This FOTD was actually inspired by my slowly-healing inflamed foot. I’ve been limping around for about 2 weeks since it started to hurt and swell, and all this unsexy lumber has been so tiring. They should seriously include limping as an Olympic Games sport. ¬†And because I was feeling a little down, I decided some colour would do the trick to put me back on track to being more cheerful over the long weekend. I call this FOTD “Holiday.” Here are some more close-ups of the eye makeup and a list of the products I used:


    FOTD: Holiday

    Pinks and purples complemented with falsies.


    FOTD: Holiday

    Open sesame! Grey lenses are from GEO.


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