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    If you’re a manicure addict, you must be no stranger to nail wraps. These are stickers that go nicely on our nails and don’t involve harmful chemicals or dry time. So what makes INNI Nails so special?


    For one, you can decide what design your nails will have. It can be anything: a picture of you and your loved ones, your pet feline, a painting that you saw online or even something you draw on your own! All you need to do is to take a shot of what it is you like, upload it onto INNI using their app or via their website, and voila. Consider it delivered. Not convinced? Check out this video below:



    I gave some INNI Nails nail wraps a try and found them to be very easy to apply on clean nails. Each sheet of nail wraps contains 30 individual wraps in various widths and a small ruler printed on the top right. Here are the steps to applying these wraps:

    1. Clean your nails with nail polish remover.
    2. Measure your nail width using the ruler provided and then select the wrap of the same dimension.
    3. Peel the wrap gently off the sheet and apply it to your nail.
    4. Stretch and fold the excess over your nail and then file it off in a downwards motion.


    I created a short video on how to do this:



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