luxury cruise

    What to Wear on a Luxury Cruise

    The last time I went on a cruise was probably not less than 15 years ago. I was still a kid, and I remember being amused by the huge walking furry mascots we’d bump into every now and then, while exploring the ship (I think one of them might have been Donald Duck). Fast forward to now, I’m not so sure I’d love these characters as much as I might have used to.


    I got the chance to visit Genting Dream when it docked in Singapore a few weeks back, and although there weren’t mascots to hug, there were tons more to explore. I hadn’t known what we’d be doing once we embarked, and so I planned an outfit (the night before, no less) that would fulfil the following criteria I had made up in my head:

    • easy to move around in
    • fitted the theme of “luxury”
    • classic
    • great for the heat outdoors
    • convenient for carrying my necessities around


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