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    Butter London Rosie Lee Nail Polish


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    Do you follow colour trends? I don’t but if it weren’t for fashion, I would never have discovered the gorgeous, glamourous sunset colour that is rose gold. My favourite colour used to be hot pink, but then it became pastel pink, and now that rose gold has joined the party, I guess I can safely say that I just like pink.


    I discovered this beautiful rose gold nail polish, the BUTTER LONDON ROSIE LEE, while working on my holiday glitter nails last December, and only rediscovered it after having moved to my new apartment and settled in. This rose gold shade is so pretty, you can wear it in so many ways:

    1. on its own in one layer, showing off your bare nails below
    2. on its own in a few layers, creating an opaque glitter nail polish effect
    3. over your base nail colour in one thinly-spread layer
    4. over your base nail colour in several layers for a more dramatic effect
    5. along the tips of your nails for a glitter French nail manicure
    6. as one of the layers in creating your holiday glitter nails (in my blog entry as linked above)


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