sun protection

    sun protection

    {Today we have two guests instead of the normal one. Introducing the Sun Sisters! They are very similar to each other in terms of what they do. And while they are pretty humble and quite endearing, they do detest the sun with such vengeance, Sunblock more than Sunscreen. Oh, and they also have a knack for speaking in sync. Let’s find out what they can do for us!}


    sun protection

    Don’t go off on your beach holiday without first hearing from the Sun Sisters!


    Hello! We’re the Sun Sisters and we’re very excited to be talking to you today. You know, many people think we’re kind of the same but we’re actually not!


    Sunscreen: Sunblock is the elder one (Sunblock: “That’s me!”) and I’m the younger one. We don’t differ in age by a lot though.


    Sunblock: Yeah but to be honest, I’m not even sure who is older because the very first types sun protection didn’t exactly fit in today’s definitions of sunscreen or sunblock. They were just called sunscreen, right darling?


    Sunscreen: Absolutely! And if I remember right, one of the first ones was called Red Vet Pet and used in the war. How cool is that?


    Sunblock: Super. Now let’s tell them about our differences.


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