Things to Bring to Paris

    NARS Primer, Chanel Lip Gloss and L'Oreal Blush via The Skinny Scout

    Maybe you’ve been to Paris, and maybe even more than once. But the beauty of Paris is that there are always things to discover, no matter how unfriendly its people may come across as. There will always be new photo opportunities and new designer stores to visit (this includes gourmand cafes and indie bookstores).


    I’ve been there so many times, although not enough to call myself a Parisian (people who live there long enough earn this title even if they’re neither French nor born in Paris), and not seldom enough to be merely a tourist. I guess I’m just the in-between.


    When it comes to getting ready, I hate being rushed. For anything, actually. It could be going out for dinner with friends on any normal weekday, a pool party at someone’s house or a 1-year move to another country. If you’re giving me just 15 minutes to prep myself – from the time you tell me we’re going to an event till the time we actually leave – I’m sorry. It’s not happening.


    My mind goes blank and I get stressed because I won’t look the way I want to. It’s worse when I’ll be meeting people I don’t know and first impressions are very important to me. I’ll forget to pack something, like how I forgot to bring money out with me once. Thank God for true friends (of course I repaid them after).


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