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Thursday Treat: Alexis on Feeling Confident Even When Wearing Minimal Makeup

    {Alexis is a longtime friend of mine, so long in fact, that we’ve known each other for 20 years and are best friends. She recently completed a year-long trip all over the world and is the epitome of someone living life to the fullest. Although more of a food blogger (she blogs at […]

Thursday Treat: Miss Unladylike on How to Feel Self-Confident

    {I’m introducing a new series on The Skinny Scout, where I’ll be interviewing bloggers from all over the world in the hopes that you’ll find an inspiring message or two. I can’t be happier to start this series with none other than Elisabeth from Miss Unladylike. Check out what she says about self-confidence below.}   […]

Guest Post: How to Look Cute at the Gym Without Seeming Like You Tried Too Hard – My Beauty Picks

    {I’m so excited to have Laura guest post today for The Skinny Scout. Laura is currently prepping for her first bikini competition – you should read about her transformation story, linked at the end of this post – and is sharing her beauty picks with us today. Hooray!}   First off, I’d like […]

Wednesday Musing: Best Places to Shop at in New York City

    Have you ever stayed so long in one place and loved the shopping scene there that you think nowhere else could compare? That’s how I’ve always felt about living in Singapore.   We’ve got shopping for a whole range of things at a whole range of prices. If you want indie brands that […]

Tutorial: Makeup for Puffy Eyes (One of Those Days)

    Ever had one of those days where you end up crying your eyes out and then going to bed? I’m sure you have. I’m also sure you don’t really like waking up the next day and find you can’t open your eyes like normal.   Hooray for puffy eyes. And yes, that’s me […]

The Simplest 4-Step Night Beauty Ritual You Should Follow for Healthy Skin While Travelling Light

    Applying makeup should feel relaxing and enjoyable, as much as it is taking it off at the end of the day and applying skin care afterwards. You can watch the first part of my night beauty ritual here, where I show you how to remove eye makeup effectively and completely using cotton buds. […]

The Ultimate Guide of Lip Tutorials to Get the Perfect Pout Every Time

  A photo posted by Roxanne Chia (@theskinnyscout) on Mar 22, 2016 at 7:35am PDT   If you’re having trouble with lipstick, you shouldn’t. I know how tricky lip makeup can get, especially since there are so many kinds out there. Lip stick, lip liner, lip tint, lip gloss and so on. Even lip colour […]