Topshop Mini – Haul

by Roxanne C.

Took a trip to Topshop at Vivocity during lunch today to try my luck at getting new clothes for CNY. I tried on 5 pieces – 1 grey free-sized bandeau skirt (I really wanted to get this but I had to choose and I chose two other shorts), 2 shorts, 1 dress (the pink flower cup bandeau dress you see above that turned out too tight for me! Yikes!) and 1 other white knee-length skirt with two vertical rows of gold buttons in the front. One of the shorts I bought is right smack in the middle of the collage above. It’s so pretty! Navy blue background with beige-pink spots.The other pair of shorts I got is of the same kind of cutting, but in rose pink and it’s got an outer layer of laced flowers! Pretty too! I’d also wanted to try the grey dress you see above. It was in the petite section! But it had all this lace to tie up at the back and that put me off because it’s going to be troublesome to wear out! Plus it’s not a very good idea for CNY clothes colour-wise.

And the intimate wear pieces are so pretty!!! Why can’t I find them in the stores here!!!

I seriously need a change of wardrobe! I am going to pack my cupboard once I have some time so that I can clear whatever I haven’t touched in the past year (this means I won’t touch them in the next year either and so they can be let go). Maybe I will give them out or sell them for like, $5. Anyone setting up a flea market stall soon?