Review: Skinfood’s Seaweed Washable Cleansing Gel

by Roxanne C.

This is what I’m currently using as a cleanser and I’m liking it. I feel it’s working better for my skin than the previous cleanser I got from Skinfood, the Milk Mania one. Here is a little review on it.


More about the product: This cleanser is meant for oily and combination skin and contains deep ocean water, seaweed extracts and brown algae extracts.

What I like about the product:

1) It doesn’t dry my skin out and isn’t harsh. I’ve haven’t had any allergic reaction to it either.

2) I feel that it’s helped to improve my complexion.

3) There is a little clip to stop the pump from being pushed downwards. This is great for travelling because if prevents product spillage.

4) The bottle is made from plastic so it doesn’t break. Another plus point for travellers.

5) The bottle is transparent so I can tell in time when I need to get more before it runs out completely.

Neutral feelings about this product’s:

1) Fragrance. There is a fragrance that is not at all subtle. I’d disliked it at first but now I’m fine with it because it hasn’t given me problems.

What I dislike about the product:

1) Nothing!

Other thoughts:

I think that this product is worth a try for people with sensitive and oily skin like mine. This is the first seaweed product I’ve ever used and it’s worked fine so far so maybe seaweed really is good for my skin. I’m going to try more products with seaweed in them in the future.

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