Rave: MJ Care Mask Sheets & More Exciting Things

by Roxanne C.

Actually this isn’t a rave on the masks per se, it’s more of a rave about mask sheets in general. I was given a few samples of mask sheets from an Ebay seller when I bought my Laneige Sensitive Balancing Emulsion and I tried one last night.

I was given a Herb Essence, a Royal Jelly Essence and an Arbutin Essence and I randomly picked the Herb Essence one to try out. I loved it! Maybe it was the fact that I had stored all my mask sheets in the refrigerator so it was really cooling and refreshing when I put it on. Even walking around would give me a coolness that I miss!

MJ Care Royal Jelly Essence Mask

Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet

(People like Peter Coffin should learn how to tell the difference between Korean and Japanese. Sheesh!)

MJ Care Arbutin Essence Mask

Arbutin Essence Mask Sheet

The chemistry drawing of Arbutin scared me a ltitle, to be honest. It made me feel like I would be putting something straight from the laboratory onto my face and most of the time, the chemicals we find in labs aren’t friendly. So I think the people at MJ Care really should change the design of the Arbutin package. However, just for your information, arbutin is great for skin whitening.

Anyway, I got so hyped up about the mask that I went online to get Skinfood’s Omija Whitening Mask Sheet that very same night! I found a good deal on Ebay with a discounted price on the Skinfood mask and free international shipping. I didn’t even have to bid for it. Well, I’ve always wanted to try out the Omija range so I’m pretty excited about it!

And today, my new Skin79 Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub arrived in the mail with a sample of their Hot Pink Super BB Cream! I can’t wait to try the BB Cream out because it seems like everyone’s tried it out but me. If you have, oh do tell me how it is! I’ve also got a Fairy Drops mascara and a Sigma travel brush on their way (amongst other equally cool stuff which I will write about in time to come). I think I need to wait till next month to get my new YSL Rouge Volupté (planning to get it in Lingerie Pink).

By the way, I’ve made my pictures bigger! I hope to one day upgrade to a DSLR to take pictures with better quality so I can constantly upload big pictures for viewing pleasure. My current camera is really lousy for macro and self shots and I always complain about it on Twitter when doing shoots. And maybe, à l’avenir, I’ll be able to have my own mini studio for taking product shots!

Yep! That’s a lot of exciting things! In the midst of all this though, I really hope no more earthquakes will happen anytime soon! Everyone please do take care of yourselves, be alert of your surroundings and always be prepared!

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