4 Great Uses of Cotton Buds: Part 1

by Roxanne C.

It took one afternoon when I finally decided I had to do a tutorial on how we can use cotton buds to help correct beauty mishaps. Perhaps the most overlooked and underestimated beauty item is the cotton bud because there aren’t many tutorials around teaching us how to use these really handy tools. You’ll see in this two-part tutorial how easy-to-use they are and what a great difference they make in helping us solve beauty blunders. They are also really light and cheap and everyone who uses makeup must have them!


1) Cleaning up Messy Manicures


So this is how you do it without damaging the nails that are already nicely done!


Firstly, soak one end of a cotton bud in nail polish remover. Then, dab the soaked part on any area of skin around the painted nail to remove any nail laquer that has been accidentally brushed on. All this takes is a few seconds; It takes even faster when you do this immediately after getting laquer onto the skin, because the laquer is still wet and will be easier to remove. Also, this step should be done before the top coat is applied.


2) Cleaning up Mascara Mess


Got mascara on where it’s not supposed to be? Fret not! A cotton bud will save the day!


This is also a really simple trick to remember when applying mascara. If you get some product onto the eyelids, just take a cotton bud and gently rub it off. You normally don’t even need makeup remover for this, as long as you do it immediately after getting mascara onto the skin, because the mascara needs time to dry. If you’ve waited for too long, soak one end of the cotton bud with eye makeup remover and then gently swipe it over the dirtied area. Then, swipe a wet end (made wet with water) of a cotton bud over again to remove any remaining eye makeup remover. Once all the makeup remover is gone, use the dry end of a cotton bud to remove any remaining moisture so that you can prep for the next step in your makeup routine.


I hope these two tricks help! There are two more tricks in Part 2 of this tutorial!





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