Product Feature: The BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl

by Roxanne C.
Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

Tired of limp hair? Want curls? Got lots of spare cash? You might like to try the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl – the one hair curling tool that makes everything oh-so-simple.


I came across the BaByliss video on YouTube, while on the lookout for a hair curler. The video shows us how to use this tool to create curls in a breeze. I was wowed right away and I’m sure that after you watch the video, you’ll be too!



For those of you who are too lazy to click on the video, or are facing slow loading speeds, here are some pictures that give a brief overview of the Perfect Curl:


Step 1: Take a section of your hair and clamp it in place, into the curler.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

Clamp that hair.


Step 2: Close the curler and hold on for a while. Notice that the hair gets “eaten” up by the curler. This is the cool part!

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

Close the curler and hold.


Step 3: Wait till you hear the beeping sounds coming from the curler. Then release. Make sure you release in time. You don’t want burnt hair!

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

Listen carefully!


Step 4: Repeat till you get the amount of curls you want. Be a head turner!

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

Tadah! A head full of bouncy curls!


I don’t think this is in stock in Singapore at the moment, but you can get it from The UK Edit. A little warning though, this touch machine sets you back by £170! Well, what some girls wouldn’t do for beauty!







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