Review: The Chanel Aqualumière High Shine Sheer Concentrate Lip Gloss in 69 and 91

by Roxanne C.


Chanel Aqualumière Lip Gloss

Just a couple of Chanel glosses.


I discovered these gorgeous glosses quite by accident, when I was shopping for a gift for my mother, actually. If you shop for makeup and you love makeup, then you must know how distracting it is when you’re surrounded by nothing else but makeup – and a very professional makeup artist.


I requested to try on a shade or two, can’t remember which ones, but man was I sold the moment I saw the finished look on my lips. In today’s post, I feature two of my current favourite glosses, the Chanel Aqualumière High Shine Sheer Concentrate Lip Gloss in 91 Tutu and 69 Glass Quartz.


Chanel Aqualumière Lip Gloss

91 Tutu at the top, 69 Glass Quartz below.


These glosses are absolutely to-die-for. I cannot get over how true-to-colour they are, how easy they are to apply and how watery and gel-like they make my lips look! I don’t remember how much exactly I paid for these, but a quick check on shows the price to be US$30 per pop. I can’t find 69 Glass Quartz anywhere, and I suspect that this shade was from a previous season. Thank goodness I found it because it’s such a special shade.


91 Tutu has been described by many bloggers as a sheer pale pink colour. However, I find it not quite sheer and not quite pale. It has a very natural kind of colour that adds life to your face. It’s a colour you would wear if you were feeling under the weather, for example, but still had to look presentable. It’s very suitable for spring and brings to mind an image of pink magnolia blooms under a welcoming blue sky. It has tiny gold shimmer but you can’t really see it unless you relentlessly scrutinise it.


69 Glass Quartz is a unique, beautiful nude-plum-mauve shade with no shimmer. It’s extremely wearable and would be something you’d have on when you need to look a little more sophisticated. Just like 91 Tutu, it gives a very glossy, watery, candy-like finish, minus the undesirable streaking that some other glosses have. I’m not sure where else you can find this at the moment, but do ask around at Chanel counters as they might still have stock.


Chanel Aqualumière Lip Gloss

A quick swatch of 69 Glass Quartz (left) and 91 Tutu (right).


If you have any luck with 69 Glass Quartz, wherever in the world you are, please do leave a comment so that the rest of us can know about it!


Stay gorgeous,