Why I Want to Move to Bali

by Roxanne C.
Bali Sanur Beach on The Skinny Scout

The only time I ever visited Bali before this was some years back when we went to Nusa Dua. Back then, I was really looking for a quiet oasis where there was nothing but the sea breeze, nature and lots of space. I needed to clear my head, get some fresh air and get grounded. Nusa Dua provided exactly that.


This time, I needed the beach again, but I wanted something with a little more vibrancy. So we picked Bali again and decided to stay at Sanur because it wasn’t as congested as Seminyak. Oh my, how I’ve missed the beach!





I’m a beach girl through and through, if I haven’t already said that. Nothing gives me the space I need quite like the beach does – the sea, breeze, salty air and happy relaxed vibes. Bali is amazing because the people here are nice, it’s safe and it has all the types of beaches you can find – the party beach, the more chillax beach and the total quiet beach paradise. If you want a beach with a gentle tide, you’ll find it here. If you prefer beaches with huge waves that you can surf on, they have it in Bali too.


I must say, I now have a new life goal: to surf.



Of course I did some shopping. While some stores are way overpriced, especially in Seminyak, there are some that are worth the money. I love how chill out everybody is in Bali. In Singapore, it feels like most people are really uptight all the time and it’s honestly so exhausting to be around that.


But in Bali, it has exactly what I need. People are covered in salt and sunscreen, everyone’s got a healthy tan going on, everyone’s happy and laisser-faire, no one gives a hoot about riding on scooters to get to wherever they want to (expats included, so awesome), everyone’s wearing a sundress and bikini, hair is either tied up in a bun or let down in its natural state…


And the beachfront co-working spaces are absolutely TO-DIE-FOR. You not only get wifi, food and drinks, you also get shade, the natural sea breeze and the quiet that you need – all by the beach! I’m so in love with this, I really can’t tell you how amazing this is to me.



Our accommodation this time was a villa that was within walking distance to the beach, and we chose one that had an outdoor shower. Think about it, if you’ve never experienced showering outdoors: it’s quite an experience taking a hot shower under the stars or even under the sun during the day. And when it rains, it all becomes a quick rush to get indoors before your efforts to dry off are in vain. Plus, you get to watch snails hang out overhead. Oh this is so fun!


We were really lucky with the weather too. It’s November, so it should really be the monsoon season. And it did rain everyday we were there. However, it only rained in the night, so that during the day it was bright and sunny – just the way the beach is supposed to be!


I’m going to have to visit Bali more often from now. Not only because I now want to learn how to surf, but because I also want to ride a scooter that everyone seems to be renting out whenever they feel like it. Seriously, you can be walking along the road and locals on their own bikes will ask you if you want to rent the one they’re on. It’s really amusing. Where’d they go if I did take that bike?


And the cost of living is so low. Like really, really low. Not including accommodation and flights, between the two of us, we spent about S$300-400 for the 5 days we were there, and this was us splurging on awesome restaurants and cafes, eating even though we didn’t have to and taking Grab everywhere. Mocktails for S$5 or less. 45min Grab rides for less than S$20. A can of Coke for S$1.50. You get the idea.


Will I ever move to Bali? Watch this space to find out!


Meanwhile, *furiously checking for flight tickets*