Haul & Review: Solved Skincare Coconut Water Cleansing Foam

by Roxanne C.
Solved Skincare Coconut Water Cleansing Foam Packaging Landscape on The Skinny Scout

I’m almost finished with my first bottle of the Solved Skincare Coconut Water Cleansing Foam, and just had to repurchase two more on Soko Glam (get $10 off your order HERE).

Solved Skincare Coconut Water Cleansing Foam Overall The Skinny Scout
Love the recyclable paper packaging.
Solved Skincare Coconut Water Cleansing Foam Ingredients The Skinny Scout
Solved Skincare is clean beauty.

The bottle comes in one size of 120ml (4.1oz). The cleansing foam itself has a pH of 5.5 and contains 75% real coconut water.

I use it only at night as a part of my double cleanse routine to remove the day’s makeup. If I’m not wearing makeup, I just use a normal facial cleanser and skip this entirely.

(It replaces the oil cleanser in Step 1 of this step-by-step blog entry I previously wrote. You can also watch my YouTube tutorial below.)

Replace the makeup removers with the Solved Skincare Coconut Water Cleansing Foam.

The reason I’m using this cleanser in place of an oil-based makeup remover is because it leaves my lash extensions alone. After using it for some time, I’ve found the formula to be very gentle on my skin despite it being a foaming cleanser (foaming cleansers can generally be very drying to skin).

It’s a liquid in the bottle but when pumped out, it’s a foam. I use about 3 – 4 pumps each time. It doesn’t really have a noticeable scent. However, it doesn’t remove my makeup 100%, which completely justifies the need for a double cleanse routine.

Will I recommend this and repurchase? Yes, I already did. However, a friend of mine tried this (on her bare skin and no double cleanse method) and it broke her out, so I’m gonna play it safe and say that it might not work for you. If you’re on the lookout for something new in the beauty sphere and suitable for lash extensions, you might want to give it a try.

As mentioned, you can get $10 off your purchase on Soko Glam HERE. The brand hails from South Korea, and their original website is all in Korean. If you’re buying this from anywhere else in the world, I recommend Soko Glam (the brand currently only ships from this site), as I had a pleasant experience with their shipping service (Singpost Registered Mail for Singapore buyers, ordered on 18 June and received on 8 July).

Many thanks to Ryan and Clozette for the product introduction! Received this in the Clozette party’s goodie bag earlier this year. Amazing find!