10 Things I Love: Monday Ed.

by Roxanne C.

Got your coffee? Good! Got 5 minutes? Good! Need a break from work/stressful situations? Good!

The past weekend felt like a mini holiday because Xavier’s got family visiting from France. We obviously did touristy things like heading up to Level 33 (I popped by to meet them there after work on Saturday) and visiting the SEA Aquarium (Aurélie had a field day). We even had Korean BBQ on Saturday and held Games Night, which has become a family thing now, a couple of times.

So now that they’re on their way to Thailand, things are back to normal. Apart from the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation that I will die without, I’m so in the mood to talk about another 10 things I love at the moment.


I was browsing for a new show to watch on Netflix the other week and chanced upon this one. On Valentine’s Day. I decided to watch the first episode and then see if I liked it enough to watch all 8 episodes. So I ended up binging everything on the same day and ignored the husband for the night – that says a lot about the show. So intriguing, so captivating, a must-watch for all crime thriller lovers.


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We’ve been staying at our current place for 8 months now, and I finally went into our pool over the weekend. I hadn’t gone in before because I had just given birth and was recovering. And afterwards, I just didn’t feel in the mood for a dip. But this past Sunday morning, when both Xavier and I brought Aurélie down to the playground for a bit and to get some fresh air, I really felt like soaking in the quiet for a bit. It was so refreshing!


I’ve been a fan of the brand for the past couple of years now, and I really love their Happy Buddha range. Infused with sweet orange, it makes me happier during the day when I shower with their shower oil. And thanks to our family visiting from France over the weekend, I now also have the dry oil – am over-the-moon obsessed!


I decided to finally just purchase a label printer for Trouvée.Co. I’ve been mailing parcels out and hand-writing addresses on the envelopes. It would be a nice change and an upgrade honestly, with a printed mailing address on the package, wouldn’t it? I bought a used DYMO Turbo 450 off Amazon and am very excited to test it out soon.


There I said it. I am a coffee lover. I still stick to a maximum of only 1 cup + 1 decaf a day. I simply must have coffee every day, otherwise something just feels off. Our Nespresso machine died once about 2 years ago, and I managed to order a spare part from Germany (random, I know) and repaired the machine ALL BY MYSELF over a weekend by our balcony overlooking the city skyline. Sometimes I just like to surprise myself.


Chanced upon this new store in downtown Lyon this winter called My Jolie Candle, and bought their Virgin Mojito candle to try. It’s got a surprise jewellery inside, and mine was a cute silver bracelet with a Swarovski crystal charm (I wear it everyday now). The best part is that this candle smells nice, and it somehow keeps the mosquitoes away.


If you’ve ever spoken with me about my previous job, you’d know just how much I hated it. But now, my job is more of a career than just something that pays the bills. Every case I get takes me through a ride that is filled with the good kind of adrenaline that I’d longed so much for prior to this. All the firsthand knowledge I have can also be applied to my own life and to all my friends and family. I LOVE IT.


The first time I went for a free mat Pilates class back when I was a university student, I was instantly hooked. A decade later, I am still practising it weekly. I got to try the reformer machine during my pre-natal Pilates classes last year and I love it more than mat work. I think it’s going to be my weekly norm now.


This has been my go-to lippie since Day 1. It works for both night and day and for all occasions. I can wear it to the bar in the evenings, to the client meeting in the morning and even to meet a friend at a cafe at 4pm. It’s also non-drying and doesn’t bleed. LOVE.


Which I will keep a secret because we all know how businesses that suddenly expand turn out. Other than it being in Orchard, I will reveal nothing about the place unless you personally DM me or something. $30 for an express Gelish + removal. A good job every time. A large variety of colours to choose from. Plus they remove the cuticles too (even for an express manicure). I discovered them last year. I will keep going back, period.

What are 10 things you currently love? If you blog about them, share them in the comments section of this post so we can all check it out!