What My Dream Life Looks Like

by Roxanne C.
My Dream Life by The Skinny Scout
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They say it’s important to start each day on a positive note, and frankly I quite agree with that.

Yesterday was quite meh, because smarty-pants me went for a new fat blasting Pilates class at 9.30am and was lost 70% of the time, so I didn’t enjoy the class as much as I should have. Didn’t help that the instructor commented that I looked so serious – I can’t help it if I’m not 100% awake, pumped and ready to go so early on Monday, and if I’m trying to see what the other girls are doing so I can do the same. And I have an RBF so God help me.

But I’m glad to have gotten some work done that afternoon all the same. Sometimes you just need discipline even though you started off on the wrong foot.

Today has been much better. Aurélie woke up at 7.30am, which was a good time (she’s been waking up slightly earlier the past few days). So before she got up, Xavier and I managed to make ourselves coffee and enjoy a little quiet time on our balcony. The crisp morning air was fresh & cool, and it was overall so peaceful – we even had a cute little butterfly flitting past us a couple of times.

And that got me thinking about what my dream life would look like, since we’re on the topic of positivity (and quite possibly manifestation).


So our mornings will be pretty similar to how they are today. Xavier and I would be up at 7am after a long, restful night that started from 10.30pm. We’d enjoy a hot drink (coffee or tea) in peace on our patio/terrace and then our babies would wake up. We’d greet them in their beds, get them changed and feed them breakfast.

And while they’re eating, Xavier will probably leave for work. I get myself ready for work and leave soon after handing the kids over to our live-in helper/nanny. My office is just down the street, so I look like an Olivia Palermo strutting over in my black leather boots, dark denim jeans and light peach, frilly, glitter, floral blouse.

I have a career à la Megan Hess, or Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and basically live my life as a personality/creator with her own brand and team – which I hired and formed, so I am still my own boss. Work life is happy and serious, and everyone is so supportive of one another. Oh, and we’re also mostly females.

Sometimes, I don’t even go into the office. I do an hour of reformer Pilates on Wednesday mornings, head home and shower. Then I rest for a bit in our bedroom, which is bright and airy, and then I prep myself for the day. Lunch is prepped by my helper and I get my second coffee post-meal (may be a decaf).

We travel to the beach when we need a break (but if I’m living such a great life, I probably don’t need that break), and we enjoy some family time together on the beach and in our villa. Where we live, it’s summer all year round. During ski season, we go up in the Alps for a couple of weeks at a time after Christmas and before CNY. During weekends, I meal-prep/plan for the kids for the coming week.

We approach our daily life with chill and bravery, with a can-do attitude where it matters. Sometimes I meet a friend for lunch, sometimes it’s a 4pm iced choco-and-croissant at a nearby cafe where we can people-watch. My work and life are very flexible, and I enjoy living. Because of this, I radiate positivity and people are also drawn to me. In this way, I spread more positivity and hopefully this does something to make our world a better place to be in.

I still don’t own a car because I very much prefer taking a private-hire and have someone chauffeur me around so that I can text (work-related) while on the go. Evenings aren’t rushed, and I’m home by 7pm to have dinner with the family. The kids have had their full day of activity and we’re all ready to wind down together by 8pm. The little ones go to bed at 9pm, which leaves about 1-2h for Xavier and I to catch up and do other couple-y things. Tsk.

So that’s kind of it. There’s nothing about owning the best designer bags or trench coats, or driving the fastest cars, or attending the best parties – I guess I’ve pretty much left that phase behind. But owning a good-sized home is definitely part of it. I don’t know where in the world we’d be though.

I realise I don’t have anything about reading, which is surprising. I used to love reading a lot, but somewhere along the way, I think social media and life took over. I currently have about 2-3 books that are half read and I keep telling myself I’ll get to them soon. I really do want to pick it up again – but maybe I haven’t because I’m living my own adventure now.

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