My Spring Summer 2020 Capsule Soft Girl Makeup

by Roxanne C.
Spring Summer 2020 Capsule Soft Girl Makeup

I can’t wait for Sephora to re-open because this girl needs her compact powder! I can’t buy it online because I think I might need a new shade and there’s no way really to test a foundation’s shade unless you go down in person.

So I’m super hoping that Phase 2 of the end of the circuit breaker will happen soon. I feel so deflated without makeup these days. Don’t get me wrong – I know I look all right without makeup and I’m not insecure about my looks. Makeup is just a part of who I am. I miss the morning ritual where I apply my beauty products, and I can’t apply my compact foundation if I haven’t any.

My beauty routine has evolved over time and I thought to do a stock take so that I might come back to this post in future and find gems that I might forget. My capsule makeup has always been pretty simple: no contouring, no major highlighting, just the basics. And for me, the basics have always been a good base, more defined eyes and brows that can actually be seen.

So here are the few products I currently use and highly recommend.


Since March 2019, I’ve been raving non-stop about this liquid foundation. If applied on bare skin and topped with a powder that doesn’t suit you, it can make your skin look dry. I recommend first priming your skin with a moisturiser or serum and then this. Thousands of users cannot be wrong about this amazing product, and you can count me as one of the diehard fans!


I discovered this gem in the wintry trip to France last year, when I realised to my dismay that I had forgotten to bring along my compact foundation. If I don’t apply any liquid foundation, the next most important makeup item I *MUST* have is compact powder/foundation.

Scrape that. Actually, the most important beauty product I must have, whether or not other beauty products even exist, is compact powder. It’s my live or die. And this foundation from MUFE is my “live.”


I discovered the Revlon Powder Blush at the start of the circuit breaker and am liking it so far. It blends well, doesn’t put on too much colour at once and you can layer it if you want. Also, it’s wallet friendly. You can watch my haul video of it in my latest drugstore makeup haul video blog post.

We all know that NARS is famous for Orgasm and Deep Throat but I tried the shades and they were both too shimmery for me. I wanted something that gave a summery feel, a little deep coral and as matte as possible. The shade I currently love for this is Liberté (described as “burnish apricot” on the NARS website).


I’ve time and again found myself falling back to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil after trying out other kinds of crayon eyeliners. These come on so well (and so pigmented too) so you don’t ever need to tug at your delicate eyelids. Some people have complained that it doesn’t work for oily lids and I’ve found it to sometimes smudge a little by the end of a hot, sweaty day. It doesn’t happen all the time to me though, so I’m still figuring out what causes it. I use Demolition (matte deep brown) for normal days and Sabbath (deep navy matte) when I need more definition.


Maybelline Hyper Tight Liner

My go-to brand for liquid liner pencils has always been Maybelline. I recently discovered the Hyper Tight Liner in the bent, rose gold-and-black wand form and I love it! I use this to fill in the empty space between the base of the false lashes and my real lashes.


Soft Girl Makeup with The Face Shop
The Face Shop Mono Cube Eyeshadows via Behance

Who still uses individual eyeshadow colours nowadays? It’s all about palettes now and has been for quite a while. I find myself reaching for my The Face Shop Monocubes eyeshadow palette when I can’t think of what look to create. The shades inside are handpicked by me, so they are the shades I know work best for my skin tone.


Soft Girl Makeup Using Rimmel Brow Pencil
Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil

You see this brow pencil all the time in my makeup videos for a reason. You can check it out in the same drugstore makeup haul video blog post mentioned above. Watch my quarantine makeup tutorial here to see how I use it and the effect it gives.


Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo

Don’t we always find something we forgot about when we’re spring cleaning? This Sigma Beauty brow powder was one of those things I found hidden in a corner when I Marie Kondo-ed my makeup drawer. I’ve used this several times in place of the Rimmel eye pencil and it’s pretty good for soft brows. I like how the shades are neutral brown and not reddish brown, which too many brow products out there unfortunately are.

It seems this product is discontinued and replaced by a newer version.


Always Ardell Demi Wispies. Need I say more?

OK fine. I also switch to the less dense Japanese brands for daily wear. But because they generally don’t last as long as the ones from Ardell, I have to replace them pretty often. They do the job of mascaras, and are great for when I don’t want my lashes to take center stage, so I’ll give them that!

I currently like the Miche Bloomin ones (Girly Flare 06) because they’re so light (I don’t feel them at all), and you can find them on Shopee if you’re living in Singapore. You can also check out the entire range on Miche Bloomin’s website. I’ll most probably restock these once mine run out!


I always reach for the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lippie without thinking. If I want a different mood or vibe, then I’ll stop to think about maybe one of my Tom Ford or MAC lipsticks. But for an everyday colour that does the job, Pillow Talk is my ultimate favourite.


The most moisturising gloss for me is the Kiko Milano 3d Hydra Lipgloss. So for me, it’s either a shade from this range or one of my Pat McGrath ones. They are all. So. Good. Sometimes, I layer gloss on top of my lipstick too.


On some days when all I have is 15min, I go with liquid foundation, compact powder, brows, blush and lip stick. When I have 2 more minutes, I add on some eyeliner to the outer corners of my eye and smudge it for a quick, subtle shadow effect. When I have 30-40min, I apply everything mentioned above. Finally, when I have 50min and the mood for it, I add on some contour.


I’m also trying out Korean makeup at the moment, and the quickest routine I can pull is liquid foundation, compact powder, light brows, blush, nose contour, coral eye shadow, false lashes and pink lip gloss. It’s actually a little more troublesome than my classic routine, so I might not follow through with it much longer.