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    I got samples for Arbonne Cosmetics’ Lip Polishes in 6 shades, which is all of the available shades except for the clear one. Here are the swatches for all the shades I was given. I didn’t have enough samples for me to do reviews of the lip polishes so I can’t tell you if they are long wearing, etc but the shades Brown Sugar and Raisin have a thicker consistency than the rest, probably due to more pigmentation required for the darker colours involved.

    Arbonne Cosmetics' Lip Polishes

    Top row (from left to right): Nude, Pearl and Coral

    Bottom row (from left to right): Brown Sugar, Posh and Raisin

    Arbonne Cosmetics' Lip Polishes

    Nude (top) and Brown Sugar (bottom)

    Arbonne Cosmetics' Lip Polishes

    Pearl (top) and Posh (bottom)

    Arbonne Cosmetics' Lip Polishes

    Coral (top) and Raisin (bottom)

    It may not be obvious, but Nude is more pigmented with colour while Pearl is less pigmented but contains more shimmer. It also seems that Raisin is a shade that will show the lines on your lips. If you’ll ask me, I’d say my favourite of the lot is probably Posh. What about you?

    * This product has been sent to me for my review. Like all my other reviews, everything stated here is objective and honest.

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