How is everyone doing this week? I had a really restful Easter weekend that consisted of some window shopping, backyard cleaning, meal making and sports.

    We also celebrated the boyfriend’s birthday and I thought it’d be nice to do a haul entry of his presents. I bought some nice things for his birthday this year. I took advantage of Marionnaud’s promotion and got him something from there. More about Marionnaud later. First, the products!

    Clinique's Clinique Homme Moisturiser and Lierac's Lierac Homme Shower Gel

    Guess what’s in the box

    I got him a shower gel for men from Lierac and Clinique’s Maximum Hydrator, also for men. It’s in the little wrapped up box. I’d chanced upon the shower gel at a pharmacy one day while shopping with a girlfriend and thought that the packaging was really neat. The colours are quite “manly,” don’t you think? There wasn’t a sample anywhere so I couldn’t check the scent but he tried it out and he likes it!

    Clinique's Skin Supplies for Men Maximum Hydrator


    As for Marionnaud, I really love them as much as I love Kiwi Skinfood & Make Up! They do free gift wrapping and the service is always professional. The salesgirls are always smiling and nice and I never notice any bad reactions from them to my bad French. But the best thing about them is their promotions. Oh my god, it’s really crazy. When I bought the Clinique Hydrator, they were having a 40% off the 2nd item purchased (for card members and membership is free)! I decided to get my Clinique All About Eyes to stock up, since my current one was running out. In the end I got 13€ off my entire purchase. Where else can you find a great deal like this? A few months back, I’d also received a voucher of 7,50€ (I don’t even need to spend a minimum amount to use it) but I haven’t used it yet. I can’t remember the last time I got huge savings and vouchers like these.

    I wonder what and when the next offer will be!

    P.S. Have you taken part in my Good Friday & Easter giveaway yet?

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