10 month old baby

    how we put our 10-month-old baby to sleep via Roxanne Says

    I previously wrote about how we put AurĂ©lie to sleep at night when she was 6 months old. But it seems she’s been going through some developments (which is a good thing) and we experienced a mild version of the 8-9-10 month regression/leap.

    We noticed in the past few weeks that our previous method didn’t work so well anymore, and needed a tweak. Instead of her falling to sleep quietly on her own, she now would cry for a good 10-15min before actually falling asleep. While she was crying, she’d also scratch the back of her neck and ears as a form of self-soothing. I decided we needed a different, more seamless method of putting her to bed because I noticed in the mornings that she had really bad, raw scratches on the back of her neck.

    We tried this method for the last 2 nights and both times worked pretty well. So, I guess we’re going to do this every night going forward.

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