Roxanne Saynac and Kai Saynac Birth Story 4

    As I sit here typing this, the skin on my belly wrinkled and scarred, I feel a slight tinge of guilt for having a cup of 3-in-1 Nescafe. Although caffeine doesn’t help a newborn get used to pooping (their GI tract is still developing, which at this stage still means an hour or two trying to poop at night), I’ll need it to get through AurĂ©lie’s vaccine and medical checkup in a few hours.

    I know mum guilt is a thing, and I’ve experienced it countless times (mostly unexpectedly too). But if dads don’t have this emotional turmoil to deal with, then it must not be that big of a deal when you look at the bigger picture.

    Anyway, I thought to pen down Kai’s delivery in case it drags on for too long and I forget what it was like.

    {I penned AurĂ©lie’s birth story here, if you’d like to read it.}

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