Stila Lip Glaze Holiday 2013

    Six glossy shades (out of nine) from the Stila Holiday 2013 Collection of Lip Glazes.


    Hello! Have you joined my year-end giveaway? I’m giving 3 out of 9 of the Stila Lip Glazes and here so are the other 6. It’s the first time I’m coming into contact with these glazes and they are surprisingly good!


    These Lip Glazes come in sets of threes from the Colour Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set from the Holiday 2013 Collection, so six of them means two sets. When first taken out from the packaging, you’ll find a little protective cover stuck into the tip of the brush. The way the Lip Glazes work is that you have to twist them to get product into the brush. For the very first time, you’ll need to twist them about 18-20 times.


    Stila Lip Glaze Holiday 2013

    All six shades of them.


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