My Sweet Paris by Caroline Mignot

    What better time to prepare for a summer trip to Paris than months before you leave?


    OK we aren’t exactly going to be in Paris for long come June. At the most, it’s going to be 2 days before we head off to the beach but 2 days is more than enough, especially since we’ve been there way too many times (read about my short story on life in Paris here).


    Besides heading to the Catacombs and Saint Germain des Prés, we honestly have no idea where else to go (I know, telle catastrophe). So when I saw this book, My Sweet Paris by Caroline Mignot, at the library, I knew I had to borrow it. A collective of the best dessert places to visit in Paris, written by a gastronomy journalist, and categorised according to the types of desserts they each make – why wouldn’t I need something like that!


    I guess a girl can always do with an afternoon tea in Paris.


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    by Roxanne C.

    hey hey! today was quite eventful! we went to the louvre and to the eiffel tower! i’m glad we managed to take pictures WITH the tower this time! =) i’m…

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    by Roxanne C.

    we’ve just arrived at xav’s place from alpe d’huez and i’m so tired! i still have to pack for moving to paris tomorrow. we’ll be putting up in chloe’s apartment.…

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