Thursday Treat: Alexis on Feeling Confident Even When Wearing Minimal Makeup

Alexis Cheong on The Skinny Scout

{Alexis is a longtime friend of mine, so long in fact, that we’ve known each other for 20 years and are best friends. She recently completed a year-long trip all over the world and is the epitome of someone living life to the fullest. Although more of a food blogger (she blogs at, for someone who doesn’t wear much makeup, she does have beauty advice to share as well.}


“Appearances aside though, my confidence really stems from having awesome friends that I can be myself with.”

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Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick – The Most Underrated Lip Product Ever


Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Trio


Ever found a beauty product that ticked all the boxes for you that you swear never to give it up? That’s exactly how I feel towards the Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick. Oh Birchbox SoHo, thank you for this discovery!


Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick Packaging & Ingredients

The ingredients on the Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick.


I’ve been searching for the past decade or so for matte lip colours that would stay on even after food – think pizza, quinoa salads and wine – and didn’t give me any allergic effects. I also needed one with wearable shades and wouldn’t dry my lips out. The JOUER COSMETICS LONG WEAR LIP CREME LIQUID LIPSTICK fitted all of that and I can’t be more excited to share this with you!

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Thursday Treat: Cassandra’s Simple Tip on Finding Joy in Life


Cassandra Tan Cassansaurus Interview on The Skinny Scout


{Cassandra is another friend of mine who’s not that new in the blogging scene. She creates really trendy lookbooks on her blog, Cassansaurus, and has such an infectious smile! Girl also recently collaborated with H&M for their fall fashion lookbook this year. Here’s today’s mini interview with my babe, and I hope you find some small inspiration to keep going in life.}


TSS: Being a fashion blogger from Singapore, how do you cope with the humidity and heat?

C: It gets a little tricky especially since I love layering, so when I want to wear a piece of outerwear, such as an oversized denim jacket, I would pair it with a fabric that’s a little more breathable or just head somewhere that is air conditioned.


How to be Happy

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Wednesday Musing: Do You Get Inspired by Makeup?


Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Kiss Nail Polish


If there’s one thing I love about fall and winter, it’s that glitter is finally in season. Me, I’m a huge glitter and sequins fan. Huge! And especially since the days get shorter, there isn’t anything else that’s going to brighten your immediate surroundings up like these light-reflecting things do.

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Beard Grooming Tips: 7 Minutes to a Well-managed Beard (For Guys, of Course)

Kenneth Lee on The Skinny Scout

{I know some of you reading this blog are gents. That’s why when Kenneth and I decided to come together and guest post for each other, I knew his idea of taking care of his beard would be great for you! Kenneth was also a speaker at this year’s WordCamp conference and that’s how we met. So glad we hit it off – he’s such a nice guy. You can read all his lifestyle blog posts at 5meanders.}


I’ve had my beard for almost 4 years now, and it’s been a blast. Growing a beard can really change how people view a guy, for better or for worse. After all, no one likes looking at an unkempt mass of hair on anyone’s face. That’s why most people I know have asked me if my beard is hard to maintain.


Maintenance Issues

I tend to equate a well-groomed beard to a woman’s mane. It requires 2 things: One-shot grooming for shape/style and daily care for upkeep purposes. The former is easy – Pick a good barber, and let him work his magic. The latter is definitely more tedious and time-consuming. That’s when bearded guys start to look more like hobos. But fear not, I’ve figured out a 7-minute morning routine that every guy can use!


Grapeseed Oil Benefits Quote

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French Friday: Cauliflower Soup with Potatoes and Roasted Mushrooms


Cauliflower Soup with Roasted Mushrooms Recipe


You don’t need the new year to make resolutions and because of that, I’m making one right now. By the end of June next year, I’d very much like to finally be fluent in French (or at least spoken French). And by fluent, I mean not needing to translate English into French in my mind before speaking it, understanding the individual words French people are saying the moment I hear it and being able to discuss things in French. And since my French classes don’t begin till a couple of weeks from now, I guess what better way to kick off the blog’s French Friday series than with food?


Monsieur Ratatouille and I spent a Saturday afternoon making our very own cauliflower and potato soup with roasted mushrooms – all from raw ingredients, and no stock included. Yes, I’m actually very proud of myself because I managed to also get potato cubes and roasted mushrooms in this otherwise mashed up dish.


We got the inspiration from this recipe on Marmiton, which was just to make a simple soupe gourmande au chou-fleur. In the original recipe, they used lardon but we switched that with sliced ham instead, since we didn’t have lardon lying around like how people do in France.

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Thursday Treat: Miss Unladylike on How to Feel Self-Confident


Miss Unladylike on The Skinny Scout


{I’m introducing a new series on The Skinny Scout, where I’ll be interviewing bloggers from all over the world in the hopes that you’ll find an inspiring message or two. I can’t be happier to start this series with none other than Elisabeth from Miss Unladylike. Check out what she says about self-confidence below.}


TSS: As a fashion blogger, how would you describe your style?

E: My style is menswear inspired with a feminine twist. Blazers are my signature. I have been wearing them since I was in High School. I believe it’s the easiest way to elevate a look. I’ve vowed to never wear a dress or skirt again, only because I simply do not feel like myself in them. The goal of my blog is to showcase an alternative style for women.


“…surrounding yourself with people who are accepting is very helpful.”

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Introducing the First-Ever Singapore Beauty Week 2016: Luxury Beauty Services at Affordable Prices


So Spa by Sofitel


If you are familiar with Restaurant Week, you’ll know that it’s a week where you can dine at top restaurants for a fraction of the price but yet still get to experience all that they have to offer. Well, imagine what we can do with Beauty Week!


This year, Singapore is having our very first Beauty Week, where you can try out beauty services at top-notch beauty vendors at discounted prices. I checked out the Beauty Week website and saw salons such as Blow + Bar, J’s Salon, Prive Aesthetics, Only Aesthetics (Cool Sculpting, anyone), So Spa by Sofitel, AUUM – The Honest Nail Spa and Dr. GL Spa – to name a few.


While I’m not a spa kind of girl, I definitely recommend a treat when you’re at a staycation. I mean, the 60-minute 1-for-1 Sentosa Massage at So Spa by Sofitel is going to be available for bookings at $211.86 instead of the usual $423.72. How’s that for a short get-away perk? Guys, I think you’d want to surprise your missus with this.

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Giveaway: 8 Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes to 8 Winners


Deborah Lippmann Misty Morning Swatch

Deborah Lippmann Misty Morning Nail Polish.


Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Swatch

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Nail Polish.


Deborahh Lippmann is one of my favourite brands of nail polishes. In fact, I can’t get over how gorgeous Across the Universe is! But I completely understand how This shade isn’t going to work for most occasions, so today I’m giving away two other shades from the brand: Misty Morning and Razzle Dazzle.


The polishes are sponsored by Maven in Singapore, a store that sells beauty products that you can’t really find elsewhere here. Brands like Surratt (gorgeous eyeshadow duos), Koh Gen Do and Panier des Sens are some of the ones girls alike will flutter to, while the gents will find something at Jack Black, Acca Kappa and Bolin Webb (modern-looking razors, I got ya).

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Thoughts on the Chanel SS 2017 Runway Show from a Fashion Nobody


Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout

Some of my favourite pieces from the Chanel SS 2017 Collection.


Watching the Chanel SS 2017 runway from home on my iMac was quite a treat. So glad that Chanel made their runway show live on Facebook for everyone who was interested to watch – and in hi-def too! You can watch the entire show on the Chanel website here.


Overall, this collection is obviously inspired by the common notions of technology, what with the flashy colours of some of the pieces, which I didn’t really like. And in case you were wondering, here were my thoughts on the entire show, which I had typed out while watching it live. Ah, the memories to be re-lived.


Chanel SS 2017 on The Skinny Scout


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